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Join our online parents' course to learn effective and easy art therapy techniques to help your child or teen. Start when you like and go at your own pace.

Is your child or teen struggling emotionally?

Do you feel like giving up and feel there is nothing you can do?

Children and teenagers these days struggle with emotions, self-confidence and self-image with worrying behaviours. Sometimes there is none or not enough support offered at school - especially from those who understand Islam. 

And even if they are not struggling now, how can we ensure that they have the emotional tools and resources needed to be happy throughout their lives?

Mother and Son

As parents we are in the best position to support our child.

By using simple counselling skills, playful parenting and using art therapy techniques, a whole new relationship can open up for your and your child!

What does the course include?

New ideas

Downloadable PDF's and videos with brilliant activities straight from the art therapists tool box.

playful parenting

Parenting can be alot more fun - we show you how!

Art therapy

Learn some art therapy skills for amazing ways to connect with your kids!


Practising and learning top communication skills employed by counsellors that develops excellent relationships with your child and teen! 

Designed with Muslims in mind

This course understands and addresses particular cultural challenges as well as being highly blessed with guidance from our beloved Ahl Bayt about how they parent - following the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) and what their key tips are in this day and age.


Self Care

Muslims tends to spend their life serving others but we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. With the best advise from the Halima Muslima team on self-care and compassion, we can take time for ourselves to be calm and centred for our children and ourselves. 

We also include couple care as well to offer activities to help make your marriage the best it can be. 


This course is fun, enjoyable and entirely doable with plenty of step by step guides and simple strategies.


With 5 min reads and 20 min activites to do with your children, this course is done in your own time and pace.

top quality content

This course includes some of the best tips, content and advice from professional child therapists, we guarantee you will learn something new and beneficial inshAllah. There are over 40 hours of course content - equivalent to a full weeks training course!


As we believe this course should be accessible to everyone.

This course is worth hundreds of pounds but to make it as accessible as possible, it is only £45 and £15 for concessions

We also include a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied!

(T's and C's apply)

Jazakallah khair, Mum and Dad!
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What you will learn

  • How to communicate with your child using great counselling techniques

  • How to use the creative arts to explore emotions with your child

  • Making parenting fun and joyful

  • How to play with your child that is fun for everyone

  • Therapeutic projects using art for the whole family

  • How the families of the Ahl-Bayt parent their children.

  • Techniques to develop self-compassion and self-care as a parent.

  • Learning about behaviour management and how to create safe and effective boundaries

  • How to have obedient children without using harsh punishments.

  • Learning about the important stages of child development and what to look out for.

  • Implementing boundaries around screen time.

  • Learn how to use clay, use storytelling and other creative ways to develop you and your child's relationship.

  • Power imbalances in families and how to improve them.

  • The power of Qur'an and charity

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