Therapy program for children and teenagers 

Using Islamic based creative arts therapy


This is a new programme which, insha'Allah will be very effective for making positive change, not only for your child or teen but for your whole family at a fraction of the cost of weekly therapy.

Children and teenagers suffering from low self esteem or other mental health issues often have difficulty expressing themselves. We have developed a program that will support them to recover, to discover a new relationship with themselves and those around them, insha'Allah with the shiff'a of Allah the most Loving and most Compassionate. 


The course is for children and teenagers from 8-19 years old.

Starting 8th October 2022

What does the programme include?

This is a six week course run by qualified Muslim child counsellors and is online. There are different groups for different ages and we separate boys and girls.

Most of the sessions will be on a Saturday or in the evening during the week. Times are listed in BST.

Boys & girls aged 8-10.    10 am Saturdays 

Boys aged 11-12                 1:30 pm Saturdays 

Girls aged 11-13                 11:00 Saturdays 

Boys aged 13-14.              1:30 pm Saturdays 

Girls aged 15-19                4 pm Saturdays 

Boys aged 15-19.              6 pm Wednesdays 

S.E.N. aged 8-12.              10:00 Saturdays

S.E.N. aged 13-16.             Please enquire


Parents fill out a detailed questionnaire before the therapy begins so that we can gain an understanding of what your child needs and any history you feel we need to know. We then will get back to you with which group your child will fit best and answer any questions you may have.

At the end of the six weeks, we have a final meeting with yourselves to see how things are at home, how you got on with the online Parents course and any questions you may have with moving forward.

1:1 session with your child

The first week is a one to one 50min session with your child or teen using Islamic based art therapy.

Group therapy

Your child then takes part in a total of four, hour and a half group therapy session with up to 5 other children of similar age and challenges. Group therapy is excellent for children to develop confidence, be empathic to others and know there are others of their age going through the same thing. Group therapy online is surprisingly effective and children and teens also feel more relaxed in their own bedroom.

The groups are divided into appropriate age groups. From age 12 children are in separate male and female groups.

Siblings can join a different group but would not be in the same group.

Six week online course for families or interactive online courses.

Included in the program is a six-week online course to run alongside the work your child is doing. This is a fun and informative course to develop essential techniques such as communication skills, using art therapy techniques at home, playful parenting, Islamic guidance from Ahl Bayt, self-compassion and care, power dynamics in the family and more! This is an essential part of the course and is a requirement for all parents signing up for this program. If you do not think you will take part in a pre-recorded online course, you must sign up for the interactive online parent's course which is an additional cost.

What issues do you deal with?

We will be assessing what issues are most demanding but they generally will be around issues of confidence, bullying, social media and body image and anxiety. We will find the group most suited for your child.

How do you bring in Islam?

We believe faith is an essential part of the healing process. We have many age related activities that help children or teenagers become more aware of themselves, life events and their emotions. We then help them to find ways to connect with Allah's light within to facilitate their own healing process and to feel better insha'Allah.  

What do I need to do the programme?

-Your child will need complete privacy and access to an iPad or laptop with a strong Wifi connection.

-An A3 art pad and strong colours and art materials.

-A willingness to engage with the whole programme.

How much does it cost?

The full programme costs just £159. This is about half the cost of one to one sessions for your child which would not include everything in this program. We also offer a concession rate of £80. Payments can also be spread out to make it more affordable. 

Meet The Team


Yasmin Watson

Yasmin has been working with children for over twenty years. Initially as a Montessori teacher, then a childminder and then as a one to one tutor for children with special needs. Since doing her training as a child counsellor at the Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education, she has worked at Freshstart in Education with some of the most challenging students in the U.K., and then working as a child counsellor at Manor Green school in Maidenhead, a special needs school as well as local primary schools as an Integrative Arts counsellor. 


Nasrin Khanom

Nasrin is an integrative child and adolescent counsellor, parenting practitioner and trainer. She has trained at Terapia and has been working in North London with children and families for many years in schools and local councils. She is passionate about using creativity – of any medium - to unlock pain, help the healing process and becoming the best you can be inshaAllah

I am interested - what next? 

Register your child

If you would like go ahead, you can register your child/teen. Once we receive your registration form, we will be in touch about the possible options. 

Registration deadline - 20th September 2022

More questions?

If you have more questions, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Contact Us

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