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When do sessions take place?

Most of the sessions will be on a Saturday or in the evening during the week. Times are listed in GMT.

Girls aged 8-12                 10:00 Saturdays 

Boys aged 8-12.               12 pm Saturdays 

Girls aged 13-16                6 pm Wednesdays

Boys aged 13-16.              4:30 pm Saturdays

S.E.N. aged 8-12.              Please enquire

S.E.N. aged 13-16.             Please enquire

Would my child be suitable?

If your child has been struggling with anxiety, phobias, confidence, shyness, bullying or friendship issues then they will likely to be suitable. More serious issues such as suicide attempts, self harm, PTSD or abuse is best dealt with in 1:1 sessions. If you are unsure - please enquire.  

Can you tell me more about the S.E.N. group

This will be a special group for children with various S.E.N., run by Yasmin who has experience counselling children with different needs. These children often can feel isolated with their disability, whether it is ASD or global delay. Your child would need to be able to interact and communicate on-line. Yasmin would contact you to get a complete picture of your child and best assess if they would benefit from the program. 

What is included?

Your son or daughter would have:

6 x 1.5 hour group sessions

A complete six-week online Parenting Guide using art therapy and counselling techniques or for an additional charge, the interactive online course

An online parents meet-up and Q&A

A 1:1, 30 min parent meeting and feedback at the end of the program.

What would they need to have for the course?

A laptop or iPad with a very stable internet connection. 

Complete privacy. 

Some art materials

What is the Parents Course?

The parents course is designed to run alongside the therapy that your child is doing. There are many ideas and ways to support your child, lots of information and tips as well as videos of therapeutic art techniques that you can use with your son or daughter. 

The course is online and can be done anytime in the day to suit your schedule. There is both information and tasks to complete over the 6 weeks to help support you and your child.

For those who prefer to learn via a live course, we have a fantastic interactive parents course

When does it start?

The first group sessions will start on the 28th of January insha'Allah. 

What if my child starts and wants to leave - can I get my money back?

We would initially encourage them as much as possible to join in, but if they refuse by the second session, then you would be entitled to 30% of the fee back. Please see terms and conditions for a full breakdown.

How does the process work?

After you register, we will be back in touch with a possible group that your child can join. We will have to wait until at least 4 children fit each category.

We will then confirm a time. If you are happy to go ahead, we would send an invoice at that point. You can either pay online or via bank transfer and you can either pay the balance in full or over time.

Who is eligible for concessions?

We will assess eligibility on a case by case basis but generally those who claim state benefits would be able to apply. Please ask for a concession application form.

If you have any more questions, please contact us.

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