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Six Week Parents Course

Starts February 4th 2023

A course specially designed to improve your relationship with your child, with plenty of practical strategies that are evidence-based and proven to work. 

The courses are led by parenting expert and child counsellor Nasrin Khanom. She has had many years of experience working in local councils and schools in London where she delivers courses to parents from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. 

Nasrin makes the courses fun and informative with activities and print-outs to take home. 

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What does the course include?
  • 3 x live 2-hour interactive webinars 

  • Course materials to print out at home.

  • Q & A

  • Sessions are recorded to catch up later.

What will I learn?

Course Modules

  1. How are you as a parent? Exploring your own history of parenting. Knowing your values and foundation as a family.

  2. Managing challenging behaviour part 1 – with a focus on anger & aggression. 

  3. Managing challenging behaviour part 2 – with a focus on anxiety & emotions. 


Module 1

  • Exploring your own history of being parented and parenting style

  • Identifying what you want to keep and what you want to let go of.

  • Explore the power of modelling – learn evidence-based practical tools.

  • Identify what your values as a family are.


Module 2

  • Identified 3 problem behaviours you want to work on.

  • Exploring anger and what lies beneath.

  • Evidence-based tools on managing these behaviours & setting boundaries.

  • Learning to pick your battles – negotiating.

Module 3 

  • Understanding the sources of anxiety

  • How to work with your anxious child to help them feel calm, safe and supported

  • How to use art therapy techniques with your child to best support them.

  • Maintaining change moving forward

Who this course is suitable for?


This course is suitable for all parents who:


Want to see an improvement in your relationship with your child.

Want practical strategies to implement.

Willingness to reflect on your own parenting.

Be open-minded and flexible

Have patience and understand that change takes time.

Course dates

Saturday 4th February 2pm-4pm GMT

Saturday 25th February 2pm-4pm GMT

Saturday 11th March 2pm-4pm GMT

All sessions are recorded to access later

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