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What is Sufism?


Sufism is the spiritual path of purification of the self. It is a way established by all the Prophets and perfected by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. To perfect the character of people, in order to bring them to their true nature, that of being God's servants, finding ultimate happiness and peace.


The Sufi Masters, those who have mastered their desires and tamed their wild ego, folllow closely the example of the Holy Prophet ﷺ who was a model of piety, humbleness and generosity. The Holy Prophet ﷺ prefered poverty to wealth, prayer rather than sleep and fasting instead of luxurious foods. He slept on a hard bed made of reeds and gave any money or food by the end of the day to the poor and needy. He was very generous with his time and endlessly patient. He was very kind to his family at home and always helpful about the house. He was the bravest of men and had no fear. This is the peaceful state that the friends of God, the masters of the Sufi path enjoy, as referred to in the Holy Qur'an: "No doubt! Verily, the Auliya' of Allah [The friends of God) fear Allah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and bad deeds which he has forbidden), and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)], no fear shall come upon them nor shall they grieve." (10:62)

Through the purification of their lower self (or ego) they no longer feel fear or sadness.


Is Sufism part of Islam?


As Sufism means 'purification of the self', this was intrinsic to the Sunnah brought by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the Holy Qur'an. It was in later centuries that the word Sufism emerged, referring specifically to a Master and students who were learning the sacred path of purification of the self. "Tariqat", or 'way', also refers to the path to the Lord, to Divine Presence. Due to the nature of human beings, many did not want the discipline and auterity that it involved as well as unwillingess to put themselves under someone else and there was (and still is) resistance to Sufism in mainstream Islam. Sufism dives into the ultimate nature of reality, the illusion of this world.



A Sufi Retreat


An authentic Sufi retreat would have little luxury but lots of devotion to God. Halima retreats brings as much prayer and contemplation as possible into the program but also allows time for ladies to rest, heal and be with each other. In these days of suffering and burdens, unfortunately often in the home, we hope to bring a small oasis of mercy and happiness for ladies. Love for Allah and the Prophet uhbp, as taught by our Masters, is the key to success, both in this life and the next. Please look at the link below for more about the Naqshbandi Sufi Way, which is one of fourty different 'Tariqats' or Sufi paths.


Interested to attend a Naqshbandi Sufi gathering?


In London:


St Annes, The Priory, Seven Sisters Road N1


Centre for Spiritual and Cultural Development, Manor lane, Feltham, Middlesex


Or please contact us and we can direct you to your nearest event inshAllah (God willing).

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