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Sisters Online Retreat

Regretfully, this retreat has been cancelled. Apologies to all who wished to attend. 

Help raise money for a good cause!


Come and spend a day having fun and connecting with other sisters while doing the wonderful program of poetry and art workshops, art therapy class, mindful movements and more.

In this online retreat, we make the intention for our journey to Allah, to take time for ourselves and have a wonderful time with other sisters in the fabulous creative and therapeutic workshops, meditations and mindful movements.

For those with children at home, we have a special art wellbeing class for them! 

On Sunday the 12th March, we can turn off our notifications, ask others to look after the kids, light candles and relax. And knowing we are raising money for those in Somalia - 50% of money received will go directly to them!

For those with a busy schedule, please drop in as you like :).

Sisters and children only

By joining us on our weekend retreat you help raise money for starving families in Somalia!


Contemplation and remembrance of Allah

With meditation, dhikr as well as taking part in a complete khatm of Quran (in our own time) , there will be plenty of opportunity to slow down and connect our hearts to Allah and receive endless blessings and rewards.

Warrior One

Movement and mindfulness

With Yoga and Tai Chi, we can harmonise the body, heart and mind. 

Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 21.00.41.png

Therapeutic arts

With art therapy, poetry and the creative arts, we access our inner world for healing, insight and inner peace.

For children, there is a wellbeing art class to explore emotions and to have fun!


You can make a dedicated space in your home for this weekend retreat or even book yourself into a hotel/spa for an extra treat!

Meet the team


Hana Horack

Professional artist with ijiza for healing and dhikr, Hana will be leading the dhikrs and lead two art workshops.


Yasmin Watson

Yasmin is a BACP registered integrative arts counsellor who will be leading therapeautic art sessions and Tai Chi classes.


Jumana Moon

Jumana is a professional storyteller who will be leading a poetry workshop and be telling one of her amazing stories which will transport you to another time and place.

Yoga Mats

Zahrah Awalel

Zahrah will be leading two yoga classes to improve flexibility, core strength and relaxation. No experience necessary.




Raheema Chandler

Those who have been to our Spanish Retreats will remember Raheema, a gifted healer, who will lead us to Heavenly places, inshAllah, on a guided meditation. 

InshAllah, we will also have an ustadha to give an inspiring talk for the sisters. To be announced!

What is the program and how much is it?

10:00 Introduction and welcome

10:30 Storytelling and poetry  workshop with Jumana Moon who will explore some Islamic stories and poetry and inner reflections.

11:30 Break

11:45 Therapeutic art and meditation session with Yasmin & Hana. Experience a calming and relaxing meditation with an art therapy activity to explore our inner space.

Break for lunch & Zuhur

1:30 Islamic Art class with Hana who will guide you to make a beautiful image using Allah's Divine Names.

2:30 Wellbeing class for kids with Yasmin where we explore emotions using art. All ages.

3:30 Break for Asr Prayer

4:00 Yoga with Zahrah who will guide you through a relaxing and energising yoga class.

5:00 Healing session with Raheema. TBC

5:45 Break for Maghrib prayer

6:15 Dhikr and Meditation with Hana and Yasmin

Plus a Khatm of Qur'an that participants can take part in over the week with the intention of relieving suffering and poverty around the world.


Only £25 (approx $30) for the day

Concessions - only £10!

We are raising money for the famine in Somalia - 50% or more of all proceeds will go straight to the starving families in Somalia via

This is a guideline only - times may vary

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