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What people say


"I love the Retreat into the Heart course, I look forward to this every week. Would recommend it to all sisters."

Maryam Hueser

"Thankyou so much Yasmin and Hana, I've enjoyed the course so much and now using the art therapy techniques you showed us to help when I need it."


"Thankyou for all the therapy courses - we love them. Kids and women's and one to ones. We hope to continue learning and growing with you guys...may Allah bless your work and all the support you give."

"Jazakallah sister for the therapy course. Alhumdulillah we are grateful for the online provision you have facilitated as my daughter benefitted from this."

"My children love the windows to the self course. Thank you so much, it's made a big difference to them. Last night they were so engrossed in the activity they were there for two hours after it finished!"

Amina Yusef


"A spiritual retreat full of love, happiness and dhikr of Allah...A place for sisters who become one and build a spiritual bond with each other. Gaining closeness to our beloved Prophet (SAW) through the power of nature. A retreat not to be forgotten - A bond created for a lifetime."

Natasha Nasim

"MashaAllah, it was a life changing journey and experience."


"I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to heal or to connect with themselves to go on this retreat at least once in their lifetime! I know I will be going again."

Fatema Khan



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