Standard Terms for the Purchase of Online Courses, Personal counselling sessions and Retreats.

These terms and conditions apply to Services provided by Halima Muslima Wellbeing & Retreats (company number 13725012) of the registered office: Unit 25, Greys Green Farm, Henley-on-Thames

You may contact us on and/or +44 1491579739.

Please read Terms of use carefully. They govern our relationship with you concerning this website and all of our services. The website to which these terms apply and for which we are responsible for is To use the online counselling service for individuals or for group therapy or to purchase online courses or to book onto a retreat, or as a visitor of the site and any other pages or profiles operated by OCS, you accept that you have read our Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Terms of use.

We request that you familiarise yourself with relevant information regarding your chosen service. By using or accessing any part of this website you will be deemed to have accepted our terms in full. If you do not accept any of the terms please do not continue to use this website.

1. Our service
This website is provided by Halima Muslima to provide online group therapy, individual counselling and advertise retreats.

2. Please note that online courses are not client specific. For tailor-made support use our professional Counselling Service and receive therapy from a qualified Therapist.

3. Payment for online courses
We require that all customers ensure full payment is made before the course, session or retreat begins. In some cases, we may offer part payments. Please contact us to make arrangements. Payment is to be made via the website or if you would prefer a bank to bank transfer, then please contact us. ,

Companies, organisations and charities using BACS payment system to pay for therapy, for their members and employees will have 7-14 days for invoices to be fully paid. Late fees do apply. No VAT is currently being charged for any services.

4. Special offers
Discounts and offers are sometimes available to clients and customers. Special offers may only be available for a limited time and can be withdrawn at any time.

Personal therapy sessions

5. Adult and child sessions can be initially booked via the Halima Muslima website. If, after the first session, you decide to continue, you can arrange privately with the counsellor or therapists who will send their own terms of service to you which you can agree to.

6. If deciding to continue to book through the Halima Muslima website, an administration fee will be charged at 10% of the counselling fee.

For sessions booked through the website, the following terms apply;

7. While therapy sessions provide the space for clients to work through difficult feelings and emotions, Counsellors and Admin staff will not accept threatening or abusive behaviour towards them. Such behaviour may result in the session ending and the client being liable for the full session cost. Future sessions may not be permitted. Click the links to gain a deeper understanding of what
Counselling sessions involve.

Clients and site visitors are not permitted to attempt to damage the website in any way through the introduction of viruses or any form of malicious or technology. Details of any breach of this will be forwarded to the relevant authorities.

8. The conduct of our staff is just as important. Halima Muslima team members are carefully selected, this is to ensure that clients receive services of a high professional standard that are ethical, confidential and safe. Our Therapists have significant post-qualification experience, as well as broad life experience. This better equips them to provide our diverse client group with the personal touch, as well as understanding and a naturally warm approach. We promote anti-discriminatory practice. We believe in providing care and compassion to everyone, regardless of their background.

9. Cancellation Policy
It is very important and a matter of mutual respect that you keep your appointments. All clients need to understand from the outset that we are unable to fit another client into your missed appointment slot at short notice. If for any reason you need to cancel/reschedule an appointment you will need to provide us with at least 8 hours' notice. Any cancellations with less than 8 hours' notice are chargeable for the full session fee. Being unavailable for any session without informing us will also incur the full fee for the session you have booked.

10. We request that you are available for your session at least 5 - 10 minutes before the agreed time. Please ensure that your status is set to online/available if you are using the instant chat or voip service. If you are using the phone service ensure that your phone is not engaged, disconnected or switched off.

Sessions start right on time. If you will be late in any way contact your Counsellor via email before your session time. If you have not contacted your Counsellor before your session and are late, offline, engaged, away or unavailable at the exact agreed session time our automated tool, which is linked to an internal system that manages bookings will automatically cut your Counsellor off from the instant chat, voip or telephone session, after which you will receive an automated email cancellation notifying you that you have incurred the full fee for the session.

11. Alternative Support
We may offer to assist you to find alternative support. We may do so if there is limited availability, if we are short-staffed, if we feel you require a different type of therapy or if you want a wide variety of Therapists to choose from. We don't want to turn you away without trying to help.

12. If we refer, make suggestions or help you to find alternative care, we will not profit or receive any cut. We believe that everyone should have access to therapy when they need it most.

We are happy to share website links and/or profiles so you can make your own selection. You are under no pressure to do so, we want you to be comfortable. We would be happy to assist you in making a choice if the need arises. We advise you to message or call the therapist or organisation first before booking, to ensure that they can help you.
*Please note that their pricing or schedule may vary, it may be higher or lower than our fees.

13. Disclaimer and Liability
We are not responsible for the quality of services, products, therapy, referrals, privacy practices or terms of use for other sites and organisations.

Counselling for Children & Adolescents

1. Safeguarding

All counsellors have been fully trained in safeguarding procedure and observe the following protools if they are concerned about a child's wellbeing.

1. Obtain as much information as the child wants to share, without pressurising or assuming, or putting words in their mouth.

2. Contact their supervisor

3. Contact the parents to discuss next steps which may include reporting the concern to the local authority if significant harm is feared for the child. The parents will be kept informed at all stages. Local authorities wish to work with families and keep families together so will make every effort to do so.

4. Continue to monitor and support the child and family in any way they can or pass the case to someone more qualified or follow local authority guidelines.

2. Privacy

a. All sessions are private between the child and the counsellor. The counsellor can share basic themes and topics and offer advise or reflections with the parents. The only case that the Childs words, if they are of a difficult nature would be repeated would be in a safeguarding issue as stated above.

b. All content of the sessions remain entirely private and are never shared outside the therapy room beside the counsellors' own supervisor.

c. All family information is also kept private except in the case of a serious safeguarding concern.

3. Use of recordings

a. Sessions may be recorded for supervision purposes. The contents are the property of the counsellor and are never shared with anyone except the supervisor.

b. Counsellors are also under the obligations and ethical codes of conduct of their regulating body. This is usually the BACP.

​Online Courses

1. Halima Muslima ltd commits to providing courses with the best possible content possible, according to the abilities of the course instructors.

2. Fees are due before a course starts at the advertised fee.

3. Halima Muslima reserves the right to remove any participant if they display inappropriate behaviour or bother the course leader so that they cannot run the course effectively.

Money-back guarantee

4. Some of our courses have a money-back guarantee. This guarantee relates to the effectiveness of the course. In order to claim their money back, participants will need to have a) completed the entire course b) have implemented at least some of the strategies recommended on the course. If, after implementing the strategies and they prove to be ineffective, then we are happy to refund 90% of the course fee.



1.Reservation policy for the retreats: A place is not secured until the deposit is received. Bookings can be made via the website where a deposit is paid or by bank transfer.

2. The remaining balance will be invoiced 4 weeks prior to the arrival date. If you prefer to set up a payment plan, please contact

3. Cancellation policy, Retreats: a) A refund of the deposit may be made one week from booking if more than 1 month from retreat start. After this point until 2 months prior to the retreat, 75% of the deposit can be refunded. Between one and two months, then 50% can be refunded. Within one month of the retreat, then the deposit is no longer refundable. Once the full payment has been made, no refunds can be made except in exceptional circumstances. b) The customer may change to a different retreat in certain cases. c) If there is someone on the waiting list who can take your place, then 90% of the total amount can be refunded. The 10% is for administration costs.

4. Flights are not included in the package cost.

5. We reserve the right to request guests to leave if they demonstrate aggressive or unsuitable behaviour to staff or the other guests. No refund will be given.

6. Any food allergies or relevant health needs, physical and mental health need to be advised to Halima Muslima at the time of booking. Halima Muslima will make a decision about your suitability for attending the retreat. Your place may be cancelled if we feel we cannot accommodate you. A full refund will be issued. Halima Muslima will do their best to accommodate special needs and diets but cannot ultimately be held responsible for problems relating to these considerations.

7. All furniture and fittings must be left in the condition that it is found. Any damages or missing items will be charged for.

8. Some properties may have uneven surfaces and so care should be taken when exploring. Small children must be attended to in open areas. Halima Muslima do not accept liability for any injury sustained on the property. Private medical travel insurance is recommended as with any trip abroad.

9. We recommend you also take out your own travel insurance as Halima Muslima do not take responsibility for accidental incidents or loss of personal belongings.

10. For retreats abroad, please make sure your passport and other travel documentation is in date. (Note: Spain will require UK passport holders to have a valid passport for 6 months past the travel date.)

11. We know that you will have a wonderful time inshaAllah, but if there are any complaints, a complaint in writing by email may be made to Yasmin Watson at

Therapy on the retreats

12. a. Everyone will be invited to attend the group sessions and a personal 1:1 session. While these sessions will have therapeutic value, they do not replace long term psychotherapy or counselling and are designed to give a taste of the benefits of counselling and group work. As they are running for only the duration of a retreat, they do not fall under the specific code of practise for UKCP or BACP, although will have the high ethics and standards of Halima Muslima's policies and standards as set out below. Any complaints can be sent to

b. Although we would want to welcome everyone to a retreat, we do not have the facilities to offer care for people with serious mental health conditions that impair their ability to look after themselves, or potentially constitute a risk to others or themselves or would have a negative impact on others on a retreat. This would include those with borderline personality disorders and other serious mental health conditions. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss.

Therapeutic code of ethics

13. a.Halima Muslima Wellbeing and Retreats is committed to delivering therapy and therapeutic courses to a very high standard. This includes employing qualified and effective counsellors and psychotherapists who also have a good understanding of Islam and are sensitive to the issues that Islamic communities face.

b. Halima Muslima takes very seriously people's mental health and aims to provide the very best therapeutic interventions and service to the best of our abilities by Allah's support.

c. Safeguarding issues will be discussed with the client or the clients parents before seeking further advise outside.

d. Halima Muslima does not tolerate racial discriminatation.

e. While Halima Muslima takes a compassionate and inclusive attitude to all people, we cannot accept any transgender persons on a retreat due to shared rooms and others on the retreat potentially not feeling comfortable. We welcome anyone in the LBGTQ community in personal counselling however.

f. Halima Muslima do not dispense any medication, even paracetamol. (So please bring your own supply when attending a retreat).

Copyright: The material, both intellectual and printed on this website is the Copyright of Halima Muslima Wellbeing & Retreats CIC, All rights reserved.

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